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OPINION: Existing on earth is one wild adventure

BORN from stardust, though millions of years of evolution, here you stand on planet earth.

The circumstances that came together for this are astounding. A brief moment in time, once gone, forever lost.

How are you using this time? How are you feeling in this moment? Where does your energy go? How do you treat others? Are you holding your power? What are you contributing to? What future are you creating?

How much time do we spend developing ourselves to be better earthlings? Contributing to consciousness, activities and dialogue that help curb the massive negative impact we are having on the planet, inhabitants, the future and ultimately ourselves?

Who are society's role models? What do we aspire to? What is our definition of success? What is it that we want and need? Are we happy? Is any of it real, important or valuable?

As an Australian, regardless of your place within society, you are on top. We have more than most of the world. More opportunity, access to food, shelter and health. You have power. Lots of power.

One of the easiest and immediately effective ways of using this power is through your consumer choices. Your choices are driving our economy and hence the systems that support it.

Massive over-consumption and degradation of the planet happens when we use our consumer power without consciousness.

We can demand; we are the consumer and only with our permission. These issues continue to exist. Doing nothing is doing something.

We have a voice, a really loud one!

Although we may feel disengaged by government, powerful corporations, the system and what happens in the rest of the world, we still have the opportunity to create change, more than most. Our individual and collective power is immense.

How are you going to use this immense power? How can you create value for the planet, the future and society?

Easy first steps can be:

  • Be conscious and understand the impact of your choices;
  • Know where your food and stuff comes from and how it affects other people and the planet;
  • Think about toxins in your environment and reduce them;
  • Think about what you are supporting when you part with your money;
  • Support super funds and investments that make ethical choices for the future;
  • Use green energy;
  • Reduce or eliminate your waste;
  • Be conscious of plastic and reduce your use;
  • Get involved in your community and environment - do things that proactively create the future you want to see;
  • Emotionally and physically detach to stuff and constraints that an economically based society pushes on you;
  • Work out what is really important to you and create your life around it;
  • Help your workplace have less of an impact
  • Meditate and do yoga as part of your daily practice;
  • Consciously put love into the world;
  • Be conscious of your thoughts, behaviours they are creating and how they affect your ability to be awesome.

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