exploding the myths - Is CSG really safe

Exploding The Myths – Is CSG really safe?
23rd Nov. Kyogle Memorial Hall 3pm

There has been much discussion about CSG with claims being made by both sides of the argument but until now there has not been any scientific evidence compiled from around the world or here to give factual and provable evidence about the Health impacts of this industry.
This report will explode the Myth that CSG mining has no Health Impacts.

Dr Wayne Somerville, a local Dr has worked with reports from doctors and scientists around the world and in Australia, who have been compiling the mounting evidence of serious health impacts from this dangerous industry.

He has been supported in this work by Dr. Mariann Lloyd -Smith PhD. who is the Senior Policy Advisor, IPEN-International POPs Elimination Network. Also Senior Advisor, National Toxics Network inc. (POPs are persistent organic pollutants the worst of the worse when it comes to toxic chemicals).

Also working with him is Dr. McCarron who has been working in Tara Qld collecting evidence about residents exposed to CSG mines, Dr. Damien Maher and Dr. Isaac Santos from the Centre for Coastal Biochemistry. Southern Cross University have also contributed to this initiative.

Along with DR Somerville and Dr Lloyd-Smith our guest speakers will include Kevin Hogan, Federal Member for Page, Ian Gaillard and Drew Hutton, Lock the Gate Alliance and Kyogle Mayor Danielle Mulholland.

We will also be presenting our Lock The Road Declarations to Council and viewing the CSG documentary, “A Fractured Country- an unconventional invasion.”

Following the documentary there will be ample opportunity to participate in a discussion with our panel of experts who will welcome your enquiries.

As the northern rivers has already been exposed to this invasive industry and may be again, it is imperative that the community be made aware of the ways in which CSG does impact on our health.

The event will be held in the Kyogle Memorial Hall starting at 3pm with a food break
before the documentary and discussion with the panel. We expect to conclude between 7.30 to 8pm dependent on the number of questions to our panel.

Food and Drinks will be available on sale thanks to rotary and the KGAG.

I urge you to please accept our invitation as the information in this document is very important to the wellbeing of our communities. If you would like to read the report before the day it can be found at http://www.creeksbend.com.au/ just go to CSG and click there.

Contacts : Harmony Walsh 66323966 or email harmony.walsh@yahoo.com.au
Carol Fickling caroljim47@antmail.com.au 0429339188

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