EXTRA police are coming from Townsville, Mackay and Brisbane to rotate in with fatigued local staff who have been working long hours to try and get the region back to normal.

Assistant Commissioner Mike Condon said police have been working in with emergency services, council, private contractors and SES to try and restore services.

They have also been conducting welfare checks, patrolling areas and making sure looting does not become a problem.

However the Assistant Commission said police have struggled with their communications, and there are some areas they haven't been able to make contact with.

Patrols have been sent out and they are conducting a lot of welfare checks on behalf of families.

"What we won't be doing is going out and checking on real estate houses to make sure they're ok. That's not our role," he said.

"Certainly checking on houses to make sure windows and doors are ok is not a priority for me at the moment."

A police helicopter from Brisbane was patrolling the area last night and extra police have been deployed to Yeppoon and other communities with one or two man stations.

And extra 110 Australian Defence Force personnel will also arrive around lunchtime today to help provide critical support.

"Yeppoon will be a focus primarily, then we'll look at what areas in the Rockhampton area require immediate attention," the Assistant Commissioner said.

"We are working with Ergon to restore electricity, that's one of our critical priorities at the moment.

"We need to be patient because the critical infrastructure is a priority, once that's back online we'll start to move into the suburbs and other areas to restore power."

He also said they are working with councils to identify areas that most need assistance.

"There will be from time-to-time small communities that are perhaps concerned about not getting the level of attention they think is necessary," he said.

"We are working through that, be patient, there are a lot of little communities like that.

"If you have any concerns contact your local councils and we'll look at what priorities can be given to those communities."

Byfield residents have voiced concerns they are being forgotten, but Ass. Comm. Condon said plain clothes police did attend Byfield on Friday, and more will be out there today.

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