Extraordinary act of kindness in moment of need

ALLOW me to tell you and your readers about an extraordinary act of kindness extended to me by a denizen of your city.

About lunch time on Monday, May 21, I was en-route to my home in Yandina, having taken my partner's two and three year old grandchildren (better known as the fruitbats because of their refusal to go to bed at a respectable hour) back to Kingaroy the preceding afternoon.

A few kilometres out of one of the towns in the region, the temp gauge of the Commodore shot through the roof. I pulled over and popped the bonnet. One of the smaller coolant hoses had split and sprayed green lime cordial all over the place.

Bugger. I gathered up all the water bottles rolling around in the car, seven or eight of them thank goodness, and tipped them all in and limped back to the town.

I pulled up at a motor vehicle establishment that shall remain nameless, whose representative, albeit pleasant, was unable to help me due to their having been caught out several times in the past. You see, I was driving back with enough fuel for the trip, no money in my pocket, and none in the bank.

The sob story part of all this is that for the past nine years I have been punching on with prostrate cancer which brought about my premature medical retirement from the Queensland Police Service in 2012. Back in '05 I did a six month tour of duty at this town, however my name-dropping, attempts to prove my honesty and integrity and promises to pay for repairs to the vehicle when my "over 50 worthless cripple, thrown in the scrapheap" pension hit the bank on Wednesday, were to no avail.

Anyway, a gentleman by the name of Kev, a Telstra technician from Toowoomba who happened to be party to the above discussion, approached me and just straight out gave me $40 to help get me out of trouble.

Kev flatly refused to give me his particulars stating that he hoped someone might do him a similar favour one day. Further to my profuse thanks, we parted company and I duly noted the rego of his work vehicle and will find a way to send Kev a bottle of Bundy Black by way of a thank you.

There are still some really good people out there. God bless you, Kev.


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