Kris Longstaff, left, his wife
Kris Longstaff, left, his wife

Family hit hard by break-in

A STRUGGLING young family has been devastated by the theft of thousands of dollars worth of uninsured items from their South Grafton home on Tuesday night.

The break-in occurred in Bimble Avenue while Kris Longstaff and his family were visiting relatives in Narrabri.

The theft of a laptop computer has particularly hurt the Longstaffs – the Toshiba Satellite computer contained months of work that Kris had completed for his primary teaching degree.

“I need my computer to complete my degree ... I don’t know what I’m going to do,” Kris said.

He said he had already tried to purchase a computer on interest-free terms but the credit application was rejected because he had no working income in his final year of university.

Father to Andy, 10, and four-month-old Nicola, Kris said he was concerned at how he and his wife Natasha were going to be able to afford to replace the items.

“We didn’t get insurance because we couldn’t afford it ... now we’ll have to get it even if we can’t afford it,” he said.

Other stolen items included a DVD/video combo player, a Sony Playstation 2, a TEAC portable CD player and two fishing reels (Jovian and Melaluka brands), a Kodak Easy Share camera and a Men In Black game.

Kris said the thief gained entry through a smashed bedroom window. A purple tent bag, stolen from the garage, was used to carry the loot.

Natasha said neighbours on both sides of them had experienced theft or near-theft incidents in recent weeks. The break-in at their downhill neighbour’s house a fortnight ago caused the family to move out, and the uphill neighbour spotted a man at his back door on Tuesday night. The man ran from the scene.

Kris said he wasn’t holding out much hope of the thief ever seeing justice but was considering getting a job and stepping up security in other ways for the future.

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