Brett Grantham: September 14, 1969-February 7, 2010.
Brett Grantham: September 14, 1969-February 7, 2010.

Farewell for true Aussie

BRETT Andrew Grantham was yesterday described by friends and family as a larrikin, a caring and gentle man and a prime example of the true Aussie spirit.

Brett passed away unexpectedly on February 7 while on the job as the Ulmarra ferryman.

His funeral was held yesterday at the Baptist Church, Grafton, where mourners gathered and spilled out onto the street to pay their respects to a young life lost too soon.

Speaking at the service, Brett’s parents mentioned how their kind-natured and devoted son brought happiness and joy into the lives of all those who had the pleasure of calling him their friend.

“We were blessed to have Brett in all of our lives for 40 years,” Brett’s father, Brian, said.

Brett’s sister, Louise Petrie, told stories of Brett the likeable larrikin. She also outlined the hardships he had faced in life.

“Brett had an accident when he was about 20 months old, which resulted in several burns all over his body,” she said.

“That didn’t stop him from getting into a fair amount of mischief.

“I remember one school holidays.

“Brett and I were giving each other heaps, as brothers and sisters do.

“Mum lost it and got her faithful feather duster and gave us both a quick whack on the back of the legs.

“We decided to hide it in the best spot ever, behind the washing machine.

“Mum looked for it but without success until when Brett and I were both in our early 20s, the washing machine broke down and sure enough, when mum pulled out the machine, there was the faithful feather duster. We didn’t cop it again though.”

Brett was also described as an Aussie hero by one of his best mates, Kevin Wright.

“My wife and I owe the life of our son to Brett’s quick thinking. He saved my son from drowning at Woodford Island and all he had to say afterward was ‘now my cigs are wrecked’ although, he did that with a smile,” he said.

Mourners said Brett Grantham was a great friend, soul mate, stepfather, son, nephew, uncle, and would be missed.

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