Farmers loving cool and wet

AFTER a dry and hot January across the valley, the spike in rainfall over the weekend and the drop in temperature were welcomed by many residents.

In Grafton 53.2mm of rain fell over the weekend while 49.8mm fell on Yamba.

While some sports were washed out by the precipitation, farmers across the region were slightly more at ease.

District agronomist John Betts said while the rain was welcome, consistent and sustained rainfall is what the region really needs.

“While it has been a bit of a life saver for the already established crops, it will have been a bit late for the rice and some of the soy beans,” Mr Betts said.

“Consistency is the key as the evaporation rates in the area are so high. Twenty millimetres can disappear before it has touched the ground.”

With oats going to be planted in March, if the rain remains consistent, it will be welcome.

“February often has a high rainfall, however this February has been a bit dryer than last year,” he said.

While some welcomed the rain, others wished for the sun to peak out from behind the thick grey cloud that covered Grafton on Monday.

With the rain from the weekend continuing yesterday, grey skies and almost continuous drizzle was experienced.

However, it could not dampen the spirits of South Grafton High School as they made the trek over the bridge to the Grafton Olympic Pool for their school's annual swimming carnival.

The majority of the school turned out to shout their respective war cries, adorned in their house colours.

As the kids intended jumping in and submerging themselves in the wet stuff, a little water did not ward off too many.

The total rainfall so far for Grafton this month is 87.5mm, while in Yamba it is 56.6mm.

Last year the total amount of rainfall in Grafton during the month of February was 370.3mm and 259.9 mm in Yamba.

February Rainfall
  •  2008: Grafton 370.3mm, Yamba 259.9mm
  •  2009: Grafton 87.5mm, Yamba 56.6mm

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