Speeding teenager disqualified from driving and fined $2000

THE only "positive" to come after a teenager was clocked at 169kmh while drag racing on the Pacific Hwy is that he and his two friends did not end up on a slab in the morgue.

Magistrate Robyn Denes made this observation in the case of Alexander Mckinley Brenton, 18, of Grafton, in Local Court on Monday, facing charges of driving in a manner dangerous and possession of a prohibited drug.

Brenton's solicitor Chris Wheelahan searched for "positives" from this act of "stupidity of the highest order".

He pointed out his client had no criminal record and had thrown himself into a traffic offenders' program.

Mr Wheelahan also noted the offence occurred on a newly opened section of divided road near Glenugie.

The police facts said Brenton's car and another passed a mobile radar station which clocked them both at 169kmh.

Police activated their lights and siren and followed the vehicles. They saw both vehicles overtake slower moving cars.

It took Brenton's car 2km to slow down and pull over. The other car continued driving and was not detained.

When police approached Brenton's car they noted a red P-plate near the number plate.

They asked Brenton about his driving and he said: "We were just being d***heads."

He and two young people in the car were returning from a car meet in Coffs Harbour on August 23.

While police talked with the car's occupants they noticed a white bowl containing "green, vegetable matter".

Brenton admitted this was marijuana for his personal use. It weighed less than one gram.

The magistrate said Brenton was not the type of young man she normally saw in court after committing driving offences, but that did not detract from the seriousness of the offence.

"It seems we can't legislate against stupidity," Ms Denes said.

"But your actions were not just stupid, they were criminal and dangerous.

"The main thing was that you walked out of this, your car was not totalled and you and your friends were not in the morgue."

Ms Denes fined Brenton $2000 and disqualified him from driving for two years, dating from August 23.

This is a year less than the maximum available to the magistrate.

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