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Man accused of punching 2yo son

A MAN accused of punching his two-year-old son so hard he ruptured his bowel claims the boy injured himself running into a lounge chair.

The 29-year-old, whose name cannot be published, has denied the charge of grievous bodily harm, telling investigating police his son hurt himself playing with his sister.

Outlining the Crown’s case at the start of the trial in Ipswich District Court yesterday, prosecutor John Copley told the jury the toddler vomited profusely after sustaining a severe internal injury on the night of October 16, 2007.

The boy was taken to hospital the next day, after X-rays showed signs of severe internal damage.

Doctors at the Mater Children’s Hospital carried out emergency surgery to repair a ruptured bowel, which by that time was leaking fluid into the boy’s body.

The boy made a full recovery after surgery and was released from hospital on October 25.

Mr Copley said the jury would hear evidence from the boy’s surgeon that, without treatment, the injury could have caused permanent injury or death.

Medical experts are expected to give evidence casting doubt over the defendant’s version of events, stating that such injuries were usually seen in people who had been in a car accident or sustained a blow with a blunt instrument.

Among the evidence heard yesterday was a tape recording of a police interview conducted with the defendant two days after the boy sustained his injuries.

When asked his version of what happened, the defendant claimed he was in a bedroom using a laptop when he heard a loud bang, followed by his son’s crying.

“I didn’t see anything happen,” the Laidley man said.

“(My wife) said she saw the two kids running down the hallway, (my son) looked back at his sister... (my wife) heard a bang and then he started crying. It took us about five minutes to settle him down and then he started vomiting.”

The defendant said that when he asked his five-year-old daughter what happened, she told them the boy ran into the arm rest on the lounge chair.

However the girl later told police her father had punched the boy in the stomach. It is alleged the boy made the same claims while being interviewed by police.

Both children have given evidence and took part in pre-recorded cross-examination, which will be presented to the jury when the trial continues today.

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