Busways bus in Grafton.
Busways bus in Grafton. Adam Hourigan

Children left waiting for buses

CHILDREN as young as five could be left unattended at a bus station in the centre of Grafton.

Under route changes proposed by the Busways company, children travelling from the north of Grafton to Westlawn Public School or St. Mary's will either be forced to travel 10km from home to catch another bus or be left unattended in the centre of Grafton while they change buses.

"The most sensible and safe route would be to maintain the present route," wrote concerned parent Belinda Chapman.

"Our children have a right to feel safe and secure when using Busways' services.

"We feel Busways are obligated to provide the safest service possible, not simply a cost-saving solution that impacts our children's safety so greatly."

"I have grave concerns regarding supervision. I do not think it is appropriate for a five- and seven-year-old child to be left unattended and unsupervised," another concerned parent, Vanessa Berrick said.

A spokesperson from Busways, who had the issue of children waiting in central Grafton fully detailed to them, replied: "The community is encouraged to have their say about the proposed changes to ensure the future bus network meets the demands of the majority of Busways students.

"In regards to the concerns raised about children being left unattended it is proposed that students will transfer from one school bus to another at the Oliver Street Transfer Zone as is the current practice."

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