Campaign to boost mine image

COAL seam gas mining is an issue that gets many people in the Clarence Valley hot under the collar and now the mining industry is trying to cool the hot heads by launching a We Want CSG campaign.

Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association chief operating officer Rick Wilkinson said the facts-based campaign is centred on real people from local communities in NSW and Queensland.

He said the people in the campaign talked about the investment, jobs, environmental benefits and local opportunities that the coal seam gas industry generates.

Mr Wilkinson said the campaign was designed to highlight a number of critical issues:

The coal seam gas industry has the potential to provide NSW with millions in royalties, just as $850million will flow to Queensland each year, which would provide funding for roads, hospitals and infrastructure.

Using more gas in energy production can help reduce global CO2 emissions.

Regional communities are thriving thanks to the growing CSG industry.

Gas production has a much smaller footprint than other energy sources and the CSG industry already co-exists and co-operates with other land uses.

As part of the campaign advertising on TV, radio, in print and online media, it will feature real people telling their own story - farmers, local small business owners and a wide range of Australians in the country and the cities.

Mr Wilkinson said a website had been launched to explain some issues in detail.

He said was designed to give the broader community the facts on coal seam gas, the industry's operations, and the critical role that gas will play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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