A REAL live Goanna, great weather, lots of rides, over 40 market stalls and a petting zoo helped make this year's Goanna Pulling Championship a real motza for Wooli.

We caught up with one of the event's organisers Debby Thompson as the crowd was peaking about 1pm.

"It's been awesome. We've had a big day and they're starting to get through the heats of the Goanna Pulling now," Ms Thompson said.

"We've had heaps of people through the gates this year and I think a bit of a younger crowd."

Ms Thompson credited the festival's variety with getting more people through the gates.

"It's not all just about the Goanna Pulling you know," she said.


And even early in the afternoon she was forecasting a new record.

"There are a whole heap of coins in the entry bucket and the gate count is already over 2000 which does not include all the people we had in the morning."

One of this year's new attractions was a reptile show, which Ms Thompson said had been strategically placed a large distance from the petting zoo to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

And she said the slippery display, which featured a very large goanna, had proved a real hit.

Another highlight of the day was the tug-of-war, which drew teams from as far afield as Brisbane, Maitland and Glen Innes.

And of course, there was plenty to eat.

From fresh pancakes, to fresh juice, steak sandwiches and old carnival favourites, like fairy floss and dagwood dogs.

"Jeff Smith from I Scream was also down here," Ms Thompson said.


To find out who was this year's Goanna Pulling Champion, check tomorrow's DEX.

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