Fight Quest

LOCAL boxing trainer Darren McMahon is set to unearth yet another star of the ring.

The veteran boxer will be hoping his latest prodigy, female pugilist Berlinda Pollard, can prove herself in her maiden bout.

But before the 22-year-old former Queensland resident gets to showcase her fighting ability she needs to find a willing opponent.

"Berlinda is actually having her first spar and hopefully we can line her up with an exhibition bout at Nambucca Heads on October 15," McMahon told the Examiner.

"She's very keen and doesn't mind the training. I'll think she'll go well if we can find her someone to box against."

Pollard, who hails from Gladstone in Queensland, is new to the Clarence area and admits taking up the sport was somewhat by chance.

"I've always liked the idea of trying my hand at boxing and wanted to improve my punching," Pollard said.

"I stumbled into Darren at the gym when he was taking a class and he talked to me about boxing so I decided to give it a go.

"At the moment I do boxing twice a week and Muay Thai (Thai combat sport) about three times a week.

"So I'm actually doing this type of training five days a week."

When asked if she felt nervous about entering the ring for the first time Pollard appeared quietly confident.

"I know I haven't had a fight yet but I definitely want to and hopefully it will be in Nambucca," Pollard said.

"At this stage I don't feel all that nervous ... in fact I can't wait."

McMahon said Pollard is working overtime on developing a strong left hook to go with her punishing right cross

"Berlinda has a pretty good right cross at the moment but I've been working more on her left hook," he said.

Before her first spar on Monday at the Big River Squash and Fitness Centre Pollard did, however, let her guard down.

"I didn't realise they (Examiner) were going to take a photo of me," Pollard laughed.

"If I knew that I wouldn't have worn my favourite Broncos' footy shorts."

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