Nel Matheson who reluctantly had to close Sew Excited her business in Maclean.
Nel Matheson who reluctantly had to close Sew Excited her business in Maclean. Ebony Stansfield

Final stitch put into much-loved business

THE community wasn't Sew Excited to learn the craft and patchwork business closed it's doors for the last time.

Sew Excited in Maclean has a long history of providing sewing and patchwork supplies and classes to the community and owner Nel Matheson said she made this decision reluctantly.

Mrs Matheson has been trying to sell the business for about four years, before she relocated to a smaller venue.

"I had to calm it down a bit because I was running 5-6 days a week and I couldn't keep doing that. So I downsized, to see if I can sell basically,” she said.

Because of her needing a knee replacement and wanting to retire before she turns 70 this year, she decided it was time to set the closing date of March 31.

Her journey into patchwork began when she left her job in theatre wardrobe in Melbourne when she had a baby.

She created her first quilt by hand, "It was really good to keep my hand going while I had a little fella.”

When her son left high school her family relocated to Maclean.

She got to know the previous owners of Sew Excited and started doing patchwork and sewing classes there, which led her into buying it.

Matheson said owning Sew Excited has been a terrific journey and she has enjoyed every single minute of it.

With her past experience of being a fashion teacher at TAFE and in dress-making came in handy for when she helped the sewing community over the years.

"I don't regret closing but I regret the lack of facility for the community particularly the older girls who will find it difficult to get out of town to get their basic needs. But, I didn't have a choice in the end,” she said.

She said she would like to say thank you to Maclean and districts for their support because everyone has been really wonderful to her.

”We had a great bunch of customers and clients they have all been without exception, it has been an absolute pleasure the whole time I have been here and its really sad to stop it. But it's necessary."

The next step on Mrs Mathesons' journey is her having a knee replacement, and then going on holidays and visiting family.

"There is a lot of people I haven't seen for a long time,” she said.

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