Finding love at tax time, our new relationship with accountants

Accountants are setting up closer relationship with their clients. In business of course.
Accountants are setting up closer relationship with their clients. In business of course. Ximagination

ACCOUNTANTS appear to be another group benefiting from the new appreciation we feel for the nerds, geeks and dorks who choose to specialise in fields most of us find too difficult to manage ourselves.

And at tax time we're even keener to share the love.

True to form a new survey has quantified the amount of that affection, with 78% of Aussies professing to love their accountant.

It's not too hard to figure out why when you look at the other side of the equation, which has 49% of us admitting they loathe completing their tax returns and nearly 80% outsourcing the task to a professional.

The CEO of Jeremy Levitt, whose company commissioned the survey, said it was refreshing to see the old stereotype surrounding accountants getting a facelift.

"Rightly or wrongly, accountants have often been labelled boring geeks without people skills," he said.

"So it's great to see they are breaking through that mould and showing off their personalities to capture and grow their business."

But it seems locally there is more reticence says Mark Thompson at Grafton-based firm Kennedy Saunders.

"I haven't received any flowers yet," Mr Thompson said. "But I do know people don't like tax time.

"I know a lot of people don't even like getting their paperwork together for their accountants, let along coming to see them.

But he said the attitude to accountants was changing from the view of them as being just "bean counters".

"We're having a lot closer relationships with business clients, working with them in their business," he said. "But with our wage earning clients it's mostly a once a year date."

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