13-YEAR-OLD Finnlay Naylor was quietly confident about having her head shaved to support the World's Greatest Shave event on the main street of Maclean on Wednesday.

With her mother standing by her side with a full head of hair, the veteran of several shaves to raise money for cancer research, the Pacific Valley Christian School student was adamant everything was going to be fine.

"It all grows back," she said matter-of-factly. "I've been waiting for my hair to grow long enough to do it."

A couple of chops from the scissors and less than a minute later, thirteen years of ponytail is being shown off to all outside Endessa's Beauty Spot.

Then comes the clippers. A number one blade, because "we couldn't find anything else."

The first line of hair comes off, and the first grimace appears, and a tentative feel shows that everything was still on track.

"It feels smooth. It's good," Finnlay laughs.

A crowd has gathered now. Small children throw in donations to add to the almost $300 she has raised from friends and family for the cause.

The final lock comes off and the crowd cheer. One more feel through the hair, and Finnlay is satisfied.

"It's good. It's cool, maybe even cold," she grins.

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