First return and earn vending machine arrives in Lismore

Lismore's reverse vending machine for recycling drink cans will be at the current recycling facility.
Lismore's reverse vending machine for recycling drink cans will be at the current recycling facility.

LISMORE will be the region's first town to get a reverse vending machine for refunds on recycled bottles and cans under the New South Wales Government's new Container Deposit Scheme.

The scheme - which aims to reduce litter by 40 per cent by 2020 - launched on December 1, but residents have been paying as much as 20 cents more per drink container since early November with no where to return to receive a refund.

The reverse vending machine is expected to be operational from tomorrow, and is located at Brewster Street, Lismore (opposite Lismore Shopping Square).

In a Facebook post Lismore MP Thomas George posted he visited the site yesterday with Lismore City Council.

The post attracted mixed reviews from community residents.

Northern Rivers Hotel posted: "It is absolutely ridiculous how this has been implemented ... is a massive kick in the guts to small business."

Other opinions included, "you mean the revenue raising scheme" and "why isn't this scheme like SA's where you get cash?".

But Courtney Peters said: "I would get $100 back with all the water bottles I have."

When you return containers at a reverse vending machine, you can obtain a refund in three ways:

- Receive a voucher to be redeemed for cash or an in-store credit at a participating retail partner (such as a Woolworths)

- Register to receive a direct payment to your designated bank account via PayPal

- Donate the refund to charities and community groups linked to the reverse vending machines

Most 150ml to three litre beverage containers are eligible for a 10 cent refund provided they are made from glass, plastic, aluminium, steel or liquid paperboard.

Containers should be empty, uncrushed, unbroken, and have the original label intact.

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