Fish ban sparks new meeting

SUCH is the concern for the future of the fishing village of Iluka that another public meeting was held yesterday.

About 50 Iluka residents, many involved in the fishing, industry, came to voice their concerns about the National Parks Association's marine-park proposal titled The Torn Blue Fringe which could see fishing banned in waters between Evans Head and Iluka.

The meeting was organised by Catherine Cusack, opposition spokesperson for Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability.

Ms Cusack, to her credit, refrained from easy political point-scoring and fear-mongering, and spent her time advising residents about the proposal.

“I think the report was written to create debate but the way they've gone about it has been counter-productive,” she said.

“It distresses me to see this amount of distress in the community and I don't think it's fair to have the community put through this.

“I'll be asking Carmel Tebbutt (Environment Minister) to knock this on the head; we don't want to give the impression that Iluka's being locked up.”

Professional fishermen's representative John Harrison described the issue as 'divisive' and said the idea of a fishing 'lock-out' must be stopped.

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