Grafton Olympic Pool Master Plan.
Grafton Olympic Pool Master Plan.

Five things coming up at today’s council meeting

COVID-19 Care package

COUNCIL staff have put forward measures to help small businesses through the challenging economic environment. The measures include an amended Rates Hardship Policy, removing charges for food inspection services, bin availability and outdoor dining.

West Yamba Urban Release Area infrastructure

THE West Yamba Urban Release Area will be one of the biggest growth areas in the Clarence Valley in the coming years with two developments, a 200-dwelling Manufactured Housing Estate and a 161-lot subdivision already approved. The developers are required to pay for the construction of sewer and water infrastructure.

Grafton Pool Master Plan

THE debate over whether to include a diving pool in any redevelopment of the Grafton Pool will continue as the cost of construction is brought back to the council. A diving pool is estimated at $1.75 million and council staff are recommending it is not included in the master plan. If past meetings are anything to go by, the likelihood of a diving pool being included in the final detailed design is slim.

Code of meeting practice recession motion

CR KAREN Toms has put forward a motion to rescind last month’s decision which changed aspects of meeting procedure in light of social distancing requirements. Now that meetings can be held online, councillors Toms, Simmons and Clancy are proposing that question time be reinstated and all meetings should no longer be required to be held at the Grafton chambers.

Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework

It may not sound fun but the council intends to release a trove of documents for public comment which outline its direction for the coming financial year.

Documents include a capital works program, operational program, asset management program and workforce management strategy. Reading them all at once might be a grind, but they give valuable insight into the council’s strategies, challenges and operations, and the community is invited to contribute. Recommended reading for those looking to understand how and where the council spends money.

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