Opinion: Flagging for our future

I HAVE never been a fan of our flag and New Zealand’s flags being so very, very similar.

For years we have been trying the shake our needy younger brother with his impressive mountains, beautiful bays and rich Maori culture.

Now the New Zealanders have got the right idea, they have gone looking for a new flag. An identifier that drags them out from our shadow.

But could we take a leaf (a silver fern perhaps) out of our Kiwi brethrens book.

Despite our growing disconnection with “The Motherland”, our British colonial ancestry continues to flap in the breeze at the top of every flag pole.

Is it time we did away with the Union Jack and forged a sense of our own identity in our nation’s pennant?

This has been a conversation had by many Australian’s in the past, especially near the 1995 Republic of Australia referendum.

But is this as big as becoming a republic? Does changing our flag to better represent the current Australian community, sever all remaining ties to the monarchy?

Do we really care that much?

We are only an infant country, but in the past century we have forged an identity, so unique from England, that even the French enjoy our company.

Now I am not saying lets chuck a silhouette of a VF Commodore on a square of fabric and call it a flag, but that is a step in the right direction.

We need to look at what makes us a unique country. What is uniquely Australian?

We need to make reference to our Indigenous people.

We need to be Australian.

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