Debra Morrison

Flathead for lunch

DEBRA Morris had one of those 'if only I had a camera' moments about two years ago when she was taking a walk at Whiting Beach in Yamba.

Walking close to the water's edge, she watched as fish started leaping from the water, chased by a shark in a feeding frenzy. The shark and its quarry were only about three metres from the shoreline.

But Debra, a keen photographer, didn't have her camera with her and the moment was lost.

She wasn't going to get caught short again.

The Wooloweyah resident has been taking her camera to Whiting Beach ever since.

Last week she hit paydirt.

She had gone to Whiting Beach with her partner and had been fishing for about 10 minutes when a pod of dolphins came through less than three metres from the shoreline.

“They were so close I could nearly touch them,” she said.

She grabbed the camera and started shooting and snapped the fabulous photo on our front page.

“The dolphin was playing with the fish,” she said.

Until recently Debra used a film SLR camera, but has updated to Nikon D60 SLR digital, and is happy with the results.

For the front page photo she used a 70-210mm zoom lens, but the dolphin was so close she nearly had to move away to get a decent shot.

She is considering mounting the photo on canvas. Debra works at Blue Dolphin in Yamba.

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