Flintstones rock out on Jaca Thursday

THE crew at I-Scream weren't out to re-invent the wheel for Jacaranda Thursday, but they did take inspiration from the era they were invented.

From the town of Bedrock to the streets of Grafton, Jeff Smith, aka Fred Flintstone, and his modern stone-age employees are run off their feet today peddling one of the festival's most sought-after items- a scoop or two of Jacaranda ice-cream.

"We do a little night with the junior Jacaranda candidates each year and did a Flintstones night for them this time," he said.

"The theme song actually played on our jukebox, and we thought, that's a good idea. For Jacaranda Thursday we decided to just run with it and build it, rather than re-invent the wheel."

Mr Smith said the purple ice-cream was already flying out the door by 10am.

"It's always popular and getting a lot more popular," he said.

"This is our busiest day of the year. We love it."

Attempts to divulge I-Scream's secret Jacaranda recipe were unsuccessful, but Mr Smith did reveal something of the process.

"The blossoms have to be collected, and then we get the past queens to stamp it down, then it's fermented; the whole process takes months," he joked.

In reality, the popularity of the berry purple ice-cream has increased to a point where Grafton's humble ice-cream shop can no longer make it in-house.

This year 70 tubs, 350 litres, of Jacaranda ice-cream have been made to meet I-Scream's specifications.

"We've never had any left over," Mr Smith said.

"Which is is good because come Monday no one will touch the stuff, but they can't get enough of it at this time."

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