Focus on people pays off

FIGURES released today from the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) reveal that this paper is the fastest growing regional daily newspaper in Australia.

In fact the figures also reveal only one other regional daily newspaper in the country reported any growth at all in the first quarter of 2009.

In a move to re-ignite the Examiner a new editorial direction was put in place back in April 2008 which involved every journalist becoming more involved in the community and more involved in the stories they were writing.

They were asked to reveal the impact of issues rather than just report the bare facts. We started to go back to court every day and we haven't shirked the task of taking on sensitive issues we knew would put some of our readers offside.

When individuals were getting shouted down by small, vocal minorities pushing their own agendas, we have stepped in to give them a voice.

We have attempted to be positive on every issue we have taken on and we have promoted numerous small businesses right across the valley.

It's most encouraging to see the latest figures show our new direction has won the approval of our readers.

We are not resting on our laurels and we are still endeavouring to improve the paper and we welcome any suggestions about how we can do this.

The Daily Examiner's number one objective during its 150-year history has been to keep district residents informed on what is happening in the valley in an honest, prompt and comprehensive manner.

The success of any paper revolves around the belief of its readers that the paper has strong ethics and is free of bias.

The paper has also revealed that it is not afraid to take a stand on any issue. Sitting on the fence and playing it safe are things of the past for the new Daily Examiner.

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