LETTER: What will economically fuel our 24/7 power in 2036?

Letter: Fossil power

LEONIE Blaine (29/1) wrote that coal is history.

Because of fracking the price of all fossil fuels is dropping.

So our coal miners reduce their costs, which is what any company does when they have to tighten their belts.

And Leonie complaining about fossil fuel companies giving governments less money when "every" green power enterprise requires subsidies and preferential treatment to survive, is rather hypocritical.

As for demand world power production will increase 50% in 30 years and 95% of it will be with non-green fuels.

After 20 years and a "zillion" dollars of government money, Australia's green power still only intermittently produces 5%.

Coal, gas, oil (88%) and hydro (7%) produce the rest.

In addition they keep extra capacity operating for when there's no sunshine or wind.

The stupidity of the green-environmentalists have stopped more dams being built (no extra hydro, no extra water for our growing population and food production); nuclear is a no-no, and gas and coal mining is being restricted, preferably stopped.

In other words they want to close down 95% of our generating capacity as well as the fuels which runs it.

So Leonie if you succeeded, could you please tell us what fuels and generators will economically produce our 24/7 power, in 2036?

And is this hatred of burning fossil fuels necessary? Apparently not.

The cracks in the AGW argument are widening daily.

"Our CSIRO" is closing down its climate change department because the science is settled, although science is never settled.

Their lame duck excuse was like saying that the dishes are clean so now we can throw out the dishwasher.

Michael Mann, of Hockey Stick fame and one of AGW's driving forces, has just published an article agreeing that the world's temperature hasn't gone up for the last 18 years and has no idea when it will.

He's now the kid calling out "The king has no clothes".

And these examples are only snowballs in an avalanche of anti-AGW reports, being produced.

But this won't stop the UN and its cohorts from demanding trillions to control this non-existent problem.

John Ibbotson, Gulmarrad

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