Four Corners looks at soldiers suffering after service

AS AUSTRALIA prepares to dispatch hundreds of troops back to the Middle East, questions are being asked whether we are doing enough for those who have returned from combat.

Four Corners tonight will examine the therapy sessions endured by Australian forces who have come home to battle Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

The episode will talk to Lance Corporal Lee Sarich who describes the horror of being inside a vehicle which strikes a bomb.

"My first thought was that, you know, like, someone's been hit.

"You could hear people screaming at the driver and I turned and it seemed obvious to me that the driver was dead.

"After the explosion the guys are yelling at me, yelling out to me 'cause they thought I was dead."

Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced last week that 300 troops would be sent to Iraq to help train soldiers on the front line against ISIS.

They would join another 170 Australian diggers already on the ground, who are scheduled return in September.

The bulk of these new 300 troops would be drawn from Brisbane's 7th Brigade.

Hundreds or even thousands of veterans are suspected to be dealing with some level of mental illness following active service.

Bringing The War Home airs tonight at 8.30pm on ABC.



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