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Free Dementia Carer information at Maclean

On Tuesday May 30 Social Futures in partnership with Alzheimers Australia and the Dementia Outreach Service will present a free Dementia Carer Information Session at the Maclean Services Club.

This session is for any community member caring for a person with Dementia. This includes carers, family members, friends and neighbours but excludes workers providing Dementia care in a work capacity e.g. aged and disability care workers.

This information session will provide participants with a better understanding of Dementia and its impact, and offer techniques to improve communication between a person with Dementia and carers, family, friends and neighbours. The session also looks at barriers to accessing and using Dementia support services effectively and provides information and links to the support services available in the area.

There are many benefits to participating in a Dementia Carer Information Session including:

. Having the opportunity to meet with others in similar circumstances and feel less alone in your caring role and experiences.

. Gaining a better understanding of why the changes are occurring in the person you are caring for.

. Gaining strategies for dealing with the changes taking place including ways to maintain effective communication.

. Learning how to take care of your own needs and where to go for support when you need it.

Session details:

When: 9.15 am to 2.30 pm, Tuesday May 30

Where: Maclean Services Club, 36-38 River St, Maclean

Catering: Morning Tea and Lunch provided

To Register: Contact the Social Futures Training Coordinator - training@socialfutures. org.au or 0439 137 207 (or 6617 0007) and please include details of any specific dietary or other requirements.

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