2014 Junior Jacaranda Queen Maeve Grant Photo Adam Hourigan / The Daily Examiner
2014 Junior Jacaranda Queen Maeve Grant Photo Adam Hourigan / The Daily Examiner Adam Hourigan

STYLEwise: Fresh autumn trends for every hair colour

AUTUMN is the season that brings with it a change in routine and although it doesn't seem like it now with the temperatures we've been having, the days will eventually cool off and we'll wave goodbye to those long daylight hours of summer.

Autumn brings about a change of fashion as we enthusiastically embrace the seasonal trends which can also extend to a desire for a change appearance-wise, starting from the top -- your hairstyle.

Like the leaves, something spectacular happens to hair in autumn. The bright salty summer blondes we loved so much only last week, suddenly seem now to lack the warmth and depth the cooler seasons exude.

So whatever your skin tone, warm, cool or neutral, there is a shiny new shade out there for you.

Here's what I'll be tackling in my salon in 2016:

So what's the story for blondes in autumn?

Combinations! Blondes will come alive with not one, not two but often three different hues in the hair like golden, cream and butterscotch blondes all on the one head of hair, giving off that lived in look, but not as beachy as summer blondes, instead we will be suggesting creamier more full bodied tones.

What's firing up for redheads right now?

I've always been a fan of following nature when it comes to autumn tones and there is nothing more inspirational than watching the changing leaves. I like to nudge my client's summer hair colour into autumn slowly, each visit adding just that little bit more of spice and vibrancy, whether this be achieved through coppers, caramels, toffees or cooler reds. You don't want to overdo it and leave yourself short of options when winter hits.

And the big story with brunettes?

Darker! Brunettes this season are wanting richness and depth, tones within the tone. Picture a tourmaline gemstone with three or four different browns combined to make up its overall shimmer.

Keep an eye out for Lumishine, an amazing new colour range from Joico we will be launching in March; the brunettes especially are like nothing you've seen before with twice the shine, shimmer and longevity of others.

What's on the horizon for highlights?

These days highighting could not be further away from the chunky block pieces we've seen in past years. Personally, I love to hand paint my highlights on creating a deeper root area effect and framing the face with beautiful lightened pieces -- customising the application to each client. By no means do I think foiled highlights are out, but more so expect a combination of the two or more methods of highlighting from your colourist. It's all about achieving a lived-in look that gives you lots of flexibility because it doesn't appear harsh when hair grows out.

Joico's new Duolights in caramel and butterscotch are my go to colours for autumn, hand painted on where needed to complement the client's look I'm working with.

Can I sum up autumn hair colour trends in one sentence?

Yes! Gold undertones - for all hair colours - are going to be huge for the cool months. We'll be seeing that sheen of warmth on everything from blondes to reds to dark hair even on the cooler skin tones. So beautiful.

PS don't forget to ask your colourist about what you will need to use at home to maintain your fresh new autumn tones. Colour lasts so much longer on healthy well-nourished hair.

Cheers, Kez

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