LOOKING AHEAD: While fresh beginnings might be slow to start, by the end of the month you will be embracing new found friendships and other opportunities.
LOOKING AHEAD: While fresh beginnings might be slow to start, by the end of the month you will be embracing new found friendships and other opportunities. oneinchpunch

Fresh start to 2017 not so easy

In general: As we enter 2017 Mercury in Capricorn is still in retrograde. So, these first days of the year aren't necessarily the easiest for new beginnings.

Until the 9th the energies are best for reflection and grounding. Many other aspects throughout the rest of the month, however, are forward moving and positive.

Pluto in Capricorn conjuncts the Sun on January 8, sextiles Mars on January 11 and sextiles Venus on January 20. Each of these represents an opportunity to bring positive changes into our lives and to transform ourselves in empowering ways.

On January 28, the new moon in Aquarius makes everything that is new seem fascinating and very attractive. It also heralds a great time to meet people and to make new friends.

If you have your birthday this month then expect a year ahead that brings positive change and lots of new and interesting people into your life.

On the world scene, January sets in motion many changes that have far reaching results, human rights will be on the agenda and we can expect to see the beginning of a big surge towards people power.

Locally it's time to finally say goodbye to the old and welcome the new with open arms.

Your Stars


This is a month for ambition and for pursuing career goals. There is much career progress, pay rises, promotions and recognition. Since the Moon of the 10th will also occur in your 10th House, you can expect that all the information you need to make good career decisions will come to you as the month unfolds.


You are entering a period where you will have more independence and more personal power to create the conditions you want. At this time you know best and should follow your own best judgement. There is also more recognition for your achievements. Smile and enjoy!


This is a time for executing the career plans that you made long ago. Happily you should see relatively quick progress towards your goals. Your most important interests this month are children, fun, creativity, leisure, personal transformation, religion, higher education and foreign travel.


In January you feel as if life is not under your control. Outside factors and the whims of others seem to determine what happens. Breathe. You don't need to control things. You are being driven in the right direction for positive life changes.


This month it's wise to take a low profile. Avoid obvious self assertion. Put other people first. Your ultimate success will now depend upon the favours of others and there many who will support and aid you. It's a great month for planning!


Your love life is very good and active this month. Health is good and you can enhance it further by paying more attention to your ankles and feet. Its also an optimal period for work on your emotional health and yoga, meditation and relaxation classes are favoured.


It's a prosperous month for Libra but you will have to work a hard for all your gains. Communication and working with the mind rather than the body is where your best earnings come from. There is a deep connection between communication and finance.


This is a month where emotional needs are more important for Scorpio than 'outer' success and achievement. Feeling in harmony and in the right head space is more important to you right now. You focus on the big picture and plan big.


Your personal power is strong now. However there is a caution around doing things in a rush, as this can lead to mistakes. Your way is definitely the best way this month, but make an effort to understand other people's positions and be compassionate.


You are feeling better than you have in the whole of 2016 this month! You also look great. You have more personal charisma than ever. Your normal Capricorn colours are black and indigo, but this month green, gold and yellow will also be lucky for you.


You start out the New Year with a swag of new things; new ideas, new people and new projects. The 1st - 2nd of January 2017 should be fascinating days, when you're inclined to push the boundaries and venture into unexplored arenas . Its' wise to pace yourself, rushing will only cause little mishaps you don't need.


In January Pisce's earnings are increasing. You are more generous and charitable as well. You are giving more, so you are receiving more. Elders, bosses, parents or authority figures are co-operating with financial goals and the results are good.

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