Pam Fysh - The Birds and the Bees 2015,
Pam Fysh - The Birds and the Bees 2015,

From the Collection: Pam Fysh

Pam Fysh donated The Birds and the Bees to the gallery's regionals collection in December 2015. The work is on display until December 8 in Prentice House as part of the Grafton Art Club 50 years exhibition. Pam Fysh is an active member of the Friends of Grafton Gallery.

The beautiful mixed media work suggests a gentle experimentation of the fauna subject matter. Artist Pam Fysh previously explored this theme and in this work continues to demonstrate a sensitive approach to experimenting with the materials used. Her use of repetition evokes a sense of awe on the part of viewer as a flock of birds pass by.

Pam Fysh has captured this moment in time convincingly, along with a sense of movement in the air and in the birds wings. She has done this with her choice of colour, composition along with the layering in the background. The viewer is drawn to the focal point in the work, being the darkest bird and then drawn around the image with the artist's use of the yellow bee pathways. The artwork's symmetry and repetition allows for use as a reproduction tile for textile or graphic design.

Pam Fysh became a member of the Jacaranda Art Society in 1963 when she first arrived in Grafton. She was a dedicated and active member of this group, which held an annual art prize during the Jacaranda Festival. The Jacaranda Art Prize was the richest art prize outside of the metropolitan area in New South Wales. The first prize was acquisitive and the society also acquired works from the exhibition. The resulting collection became the foundation of the Grafton Regional Gallery's collection.

She was instrumental in forming a committee to advocate for a regional gallery in Grafton. The acquisition of Prentice House was made possible by money from the Jacaranda Art Society and the collection in combination with funds from the Grafton City Council. Pam was one of the dedicated volunteers who ran Prentice House as a gallery for two years before it became a regional gallery.

The committee was successful in obtaining Bicentennial funding to convert Prentice House into a regional gallery. The society's collection was handed over to the Grafton Regional Gallery in 1988.

Pam has since worked tirelessly for the gallery. She was a founding member of the gallery's support group, the Friends of the Gallery, and has continued to be an active member. Her contribution to the fundraising activities of the Friends is outstanding. Pam Fysh was instrumental in the Friends maintaining and restoring the gallery's heritage style garden, through her work in the garden and through receiving a community garden grant from Australia's Open Garden Scheme in 2000.

Today Pam Fysh continues to take an active role within the gallery community. She has been a volunteer at the gallery since its inception and she was one of the first volunteer gallery guides. She is still an involved volunteer, working in all areas of the gallery's activities.

Her commitment to the gallery is also demonstrated by her continuous membership of the Grafton Regional Gallery's advisory committee.

Grafton Regional Gallery's collection houses four works by Pam Fysh - Sea Gulls 2005, Yellow Box 2007, Portrait of a man II 2014 and The Birds and the Bees 2015.

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