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Frustration powers up after repeated blackouts

GULMARRAD residents have been without internet for up to five days at a time after planned Essential Energy electricity outages.

From December, there have already been 10 days without internet for Gulmarrad locals, with another planned electricity outage for next week raising fears there will be another five days without internet access.

"Many of us have called our internet service providers to complain, but none seem interested," one fed up Gulmarrad resident said.

"My ISP has said they can't do anything because all the wires and poles are owned by Telstra.

"So a call to the Telecommunications Ombudsman has resulted in a waiting period of 10 days to allow my ISP right of reply.

"I don't know how many businesses might be affected by this.

"Some work from home, and the power outage might extend further than Gulmarrad."

Concerned residents are upset they may lose internet access for close to a third of the month, and still have to pay for the service.

A Telstra spokesperson said they were aware of the problem, and working on fixing the problem.

"Some of our ADSL services in Gulmarrad were impacted due to a power outage in the town," the spokesperson said.

"Our technicians were able to quickly restore power to our site, however, a subsequent issue was found in the transmission network, which was quite complex to fix.

"We apologise to the community for any inconvenience caused."

An Essential Energy spokesperson said the planned outages are part of the Pacific Hwy upgrade, and they are aware of the problem.

"Essential Energy has contacted Telstra on behalf of customers and Telstra are investigating this matter," the spokesperson said.

"Essential Energy will continue to liaise with Telstra should there be any further issues with customers' internet service following future work."

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