OPINION: Fuel price drop overdue

OPINION, David Moase - The DEX editor

SURELY Clarence Valley motorists will start to get petrol price relief soon.

Remember the good old days when unleaded petrol cost less that $1.20. Can you remember back that far? January this year, I think it was.

Since then pump prices have gone up as our back balances have gone down, with prices close to $1.50 not so long ago.

In recent weeks the price has started to fall again, very slowly, but there must be a significant drop just around the corner.

Oil prices have well and truly tumbled, but as usual the bowser price is not falling as quickly.

There is one good reason behind that, and it's not just the greed of the fuel suppliers.

The Australian dollar has also been heading south, offsetting some of the benefits we might have seen.

But experts - and when it comes to fuel prices I use that term very loosely - say we should soon be paying far less to fill up our cars.

Sydney prices are expected to reach about $1.20, which means we should be paying $1.30 or even a bit less.

Here's hoping anyway.

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