South Grafton Public School debate team move onto the fifth round of the Premier's Debating Challenge.
South Grafton Public School debate team move onto the fifth round of the Premier's Debating Challenge.

Fun activities return to our schools

South Grafton Public School

South Grafton Public School would like to welcome back our students for a busy Term 4. We also would like to welcome a number of new families to our fabulous school. There will be a number of initiatives implemented throughout this term and we are all looking forward to a very successful end to this complex year.

The new guidelines have allowed us to plan a number of activities which we were previously not allowed to do. This includes our Year 6 excursion on Monday 16th to Wednesday 18th November. This will be a two night excursion to the Coffs Coast Adventure Centre. Our Year 5 excursion will take place this Wednesday. This is a day trip to Coffs Harbour Dolphin Marine Conservation Park. We are also planning for our Year 4 and Year 3 students to participate in some form of excursion this term.

Our wonderful South Grafton Public School Preschool Playgroup Plus (PPP) program will now be implemented in Term 4 and will run for four weeks. We have put safety measures in place to ensure current COVID-19 health rules are complied with. All enrolments have been emailed the information. If you haven’t enrolled please contact the office prior to the start of the program to be able to participate. The first day of the PPP program will be Tuesday 3rd November 2020. Our PPP session starts at 9.15am and finishes at 10.45am. This program will continue on Tuesday 10th November and Tuesday 17th November 2020 which will be our PPP Graduation. The following Tuesday 24th November 2020 will be our kindergarten orientation morning where your child will visit the kindergarten classrooms. We are looking forward to meeting all our new parents and students.

Last week our school debating team debated against Mowbray PS which is located in Lane Cove, Sydney in the fourth round of the Premier’s Debating Challenge. The preparation for this debate began at 8.00am with the debate at 9.00am using Zoom facilities in our Library. Our team were the negative team and the topic of the debate was ‘We should only ever give feedback in primary school instead of grades or marks’. The standard of the debate was excellent with our school winning. The next debate will be held this Monday against Budgewoi PS which will be the fifth round of the Premier’s Debating Challenge.

Congratulations to our Infants students who will be receiving their silver badge at this weeks special assembly held at our Infants Hall. This is a fantastic achievement by these students and we are very proud of all of them. Students will receive their badge, certificate, bumper sticker and an individual photo. Students will also have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious morning tea.

Our Year 3 students have been participating in the ‘Check In’ Assessment which last term our Year 5 students completed. The assessment will include mathematics and reading. We are looking forward to receiving our data back very shortly. Good luck to all our students and our thanks to Mrs McGrath for organising this excellent initiative for our school.

Book Club Issue 7 has gone home. Online orders are due by 3.00pm Thursday 29th October.

St Josephs Primary School, Grafton

Welcome back for the final term of 2020! We hope you had a relaxing and fun-filled holiday with your children. It was wonderful to see them return last week full of enthusiasm and bursting with news of their adventures.

Term 3 finished on a high with School Photo Day on the students’ last day. Although a little different this year, it was great to see those big, happy smiles and notable pride in the St Joseph’s school uniform. Well done everyone. School photos are wonderful mementos to treasure and look back on.

Also causing great delight was the official reopening of the sandpit. Full of lovely new sand and a cover to keep the wildlife out, the children had a great time digging, building and creating once again in this popular domain.

Kindergarten heard many dreamtime stories with Miss Lizz during Term 3. They also created some wonderful artwork which is now hanging in the Aboriginal Dreamtime Corner of the Library. The area is a mass of colours and includes birds, kangaroos, frogs, koalas, emus and butterflies - even a huge rainbow snake! Darrundang (thank you) Miss Lizz.

Our final week of term brought our art journey to India where the students listened to the story of ‘The Indian Paintbrush’ told by Tomie de Paola. It is the story of a young Indian boy who had a dream which revealed that one day he would create a painting that was as pure as the colours of the evening sky at sunset. Kindergarten and Stage 1 captured the reds, oranges and yellows of the sunset using watercolours and then added a teepee tent to the scene which had been decorated using crayons. Stage 2 painted peacocks, also using watercolours, which are the national bird of India.

This Friday is Socktober where we “sock it to poverty”. At St Joseph’s, we recognise this special day each year with Crazy Sock Day and the importance of helping those less fortunate than ourselves. Socktober encourages students to raise awareness and funds for other young people affected by various social issues including poverty, lack of education, child labour, child trafficking and homelessness. The children may wear their favourite socks and football jerseys and will be making and playing with sock puppets. In turn, the children are asked to bring along a gold coin donation. A soccer competition is also planned using balls made by the students from recycled materials.


St Joseph's Primary students wrote a letter to their principal and got one back!
St Joseph's Primary students wrote a letter to their principal and got one back!

Mrs Denton received a wonderful surprise when 20 letters, addressed to her, arrived from the Kindergarten class. Kindergarten wanted to say thank you for Walker Learning. We have spoken about different aspects of Walker Learning previously in our newspaper articles. This is such an exciting pedagogy which has been introduced across all stages. Walker Learning is a research-based investigative approach to learning which promotes active engagement and caters for all children at their developmental stage. The Kindergarten children were equally surprised when each one of them received a personal letter from our Principal, Mrs Denton. There is nothing quite like receiving mail and the excitement opening it brings. Learning is fun!

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