Fun police raid showbags with bans on popular toys

KIDS might be disappointed to find the fun police has raided their showbags, with bans on some of the most popular toys due to safety concerns.

The Federal Council of Agricultural Societies have issued agricultural shows across NSW a list of items deemed unsafe to be included in showbags, such as water bombs, potato guns, cap pistols, lurid playing cards, stink bombs and silly string.

Water pistols over 150mm are also in the sights of the fun police, earning their ire on the grounds of safety as well.

Showmen's Guild of Australiasia trustee Tricia Blades said while showbags are not under their regulation, they are aware that some toys can slip past regulators.

"Sometimes a newcomer to the showbag industry will put something into the bags that does not comply with the guidelines," she said.

"We must protect our young ones from any harmful products."

Federal Agricultural Societies president Bill Trend told The Daily Telegraph the list was put together based on safety risks from Fair Trading NSW.

"If you look at Fair Trading regulations, they can only sell certain things at shows," he said.

"There is an agreed list of banned products and it's up to the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW if they wish to comply with that."

NSW Agricultural Societies Council president Tim O'Brien said the list of items, such as lasers and potato guns, were banned for the safety of children.

"It could shoot another kid in the eye," he said.



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