PHOTOS: Clarence football grand finals

IT WAS a huge day of football action at the newly upgraded Rushforth Park.

The Daily Examiner captured the NCF Clarence 2nd Division Men's and Women's grand finals.


2nd Div Men: Westlawn Tigers 7 d Yamba Breakers 1

2nd Div Women: Maclean Green 3 d Westlawn Tigers 0

3rd Div Men: Westawn Tigers 8 d Maclean Bobcats 2

U16s: Yamba Breakers 4 d Westlawn Tigers 2

U15s: Yamba Breakers 6 d Westlawn Jaguars 3

U14s: Grafton City Blitz 2 d Maclean Bobcats 1

U13s: Maclean Bobcats 1 d Yamba Breakers 0

U12s: South Services Hurrican 2 Maclean Bobcats 1