The Daily Examiner turned 160 last Friday.
The Daily Examiner turned 160 last Friday.

GEN-Z: Times change, but news stays

ONE hundred and sixty years sounds like an extremely long time and the way that society has changed in that period is immense.

The Daily Examiner has been around for that whole time, reporting on almost all significant events in the Clarence Valley.

Perhaps they wouldn't have had a 17-year-old complaining about how we are ruining the environment or how social media is the bane of our existence, but the paper has managed to always be up to date with current topics.

Looking back on the years, you can clearly see how much society has changed in the way of newspapers but also with the topics about which are written in general.

I'm sure the process of making newspapers has changed obviously over the last century and a half, as they didn't have the brilliance that is technology to refine accuracy.

It is miraculous to think the newspapers in the early 1900s would've had no mention of the torment that is social media while probably containing a lot more of community-refined topics.

After all, it was the only form of advertising and media for a while there.

This generation isn't as grateful as we could be for newspaper outlets and sources of media where we learn about what is happening in our own world, as some countries don't even get the opportunity.

As a young adult, I can choose to acquire the knowledge of most worldly happenings and be aware of the state of politics and the societal environment, which is a rarity for people of the same age in countries such as North Korea, Saudi Arabia and China, whom have censorship on a lot of their media.

A newspaper seems like such a simple concept, but you can see how lucky we are when it provides us true knowledge about our country and when hard work is put in for us to be able to obtain this every day.

Although there may be a slight difference in how newspapers are run compared to 160 years ago, I hope they continue to do so.

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