Readers dig deep for pensioner

IN Saturday’s Daily Examiner, we reported that a ‘grinch’ had stolen $400 from an 88-year-old Grafton pensioner.

Now we are happy to report that the true Christmas spirit has been shown, along with the compassionate side of our community.

Yesterday, three different people contacted the Examiner wanting to give the elderly woman – who was the victim of a purse snatch – cash from their own pockets to make Christmas easier for her.

When the pensioner was told of the generosity of people within the community, she was completely lost for words.

“I am just so grateful. My daughter is coming over from America for Christmas and this money will go a long way,” she said.

“The fact that people will go without to help me is simply amazing. I think that the people in our community are willing to lend a helping hand and I am very glad to live in Grafton.

“I want to thank all of the lovely people who offered to help me. It means more than you know.”

While initially she did not want to accept the generosity, the pensioner said she felt she should accept people’s kindness and let them know that she greatly appreciates it.

Meryl Walsh, the victim’s daughter, told The Examiner yesterday that her whole family was very grateful.

“I want to say the biggest thank you in the world to all of the people who offered to help my mum,” she said.

“It has made a huge difference to mum and I have seen a big weight lifted from her shoulders. This generosity has restored our faith in our community. In many instances Grafton is a great place to live.”

The Examiner received $300 from one gentleman, an additional $50 from his brother and $150 from two other individuals. In total, $650 will be passed on to the pensioner this week.

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