Craig Warhurst

Get snap happy in the Mary Valley

THE Mary Valley Country Marketing Committee has new drive in its "'come out to play" campaign promoting the valley and its unique activities.

Visitors to the area are invited to join the team in creating an original photo album of sites, sunsets, spots and places that inspire and promote the area.

A promotional photo bank is being developed to showcase to the rest of the world what residents already know is so special.

Photos will be used to develop the Mary Valley Country website and also enhance a series of activity brochures to promote the valley. 

The photo bank is the first key activity for the newly appointed Lesa Bell who has been employed by community organisation Mary Valley Inc.

MVI successfully received funding under the Building Rural Communities Fund to employ Miss Bell for a six-month marketing contract.

She is putting out early calls to businesses and the community, offering them a chance to highlight their own industry sector or their favourite spot in the valley.

"By connecting businesses, tourism operators, accommodation houses and the community we will ensure the Mary Valley is safeguarded as a destination in the ever growing tourism space," Miss Bell said.

Photos or inquiries can be submitted to

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