Girls dig deep for scam victim

THESE two little girls were so touched by Ellyse O'Sullivan's story they want to give her their pocket money.

On Thursday, The Daily Examiner ran the story of Ellyse O'Sullivan, a 17-year-old Maclean student who lost her entire savings when she tried to buy a car online through the Trading Post.

The scam resulted in Ellyse losing $4800, which had taken her two years to save by working in a part-time job at weekends.

Tracey Becker, of Junction Hill, saw The Examiner's story and read it to her two girls - Katelyn, 4, and Jemma, 8 - as a warning about internet scams.

Katelyn and Jemma were so upset they told their mum they wanted to help.

“I thought it was an awful thing to happen to a young girl and I'd hate that to happen to my girls,” Mrs Becker said.

“Ellyse has really helped the community by warning people about what can happen.”

Mrs Becker said Jemma asked if they could donate money, so she suggested the girls offer the contents of their money boxes.

“I felt terrible for her. I felt like giving her a big hug,” eight-year-old Jemma said.

“I told mum it would be my pleasure to donate my money.”

The money Ellyse lost was sent via Western Union, a move the Trading Post said it recommended strongly against if the person receiving the money was unknown to the sender.

The Daily Examiner has since been approached by another two people who experienced the same type of internet scam.

One man said he and his wife lost $6000 exactly the same way, while a Grafton woman said she almost lost $8000 on a boat.

A spokesperson for Western Union recommended people never use a transfer service to send money to a stranger, and beware deals or opportunities that seemed too good to be true.

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