Sarah Harvey

To the woman giving the finger to all around you

TO THE driver in the car behind me today, Bent Street after 8am is no fun park. On days like today it's more like a car park. Driving from the Bent St/Ryan St roundabout to the northern end of the bridge took about 15 minutes.

Every one of us on that traffic-clogged street wants to be somewhere else, doing something more productive, enjoying something more than the sight of the car in front's rear end. That second bridge can't arrive quickly enough.

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But when we are in the crawling mass, we are all in it together, and a bit of neighbourly consideration is needed.

I first became aware of you when I was on the Bent St/Ryan St roundabout.

As we crawled around it, I had to stop just near the cars trying to enter the roundabout from Ryan St. As the car in front moved ahead I signalled to a car in Ryan St to pull in in front of me - that's when you honked your horn to get me to move forward.

I didn't think too much about it but looking in my rear vision mirror I noticed you had a phone held up to your ear and you were talking away.

At the next roundabout I let a vehicle from Through St into the roundabout in front of me and again I heard your horn - this time you were waving your raised middle finger at me, too.

I'm not sure how you were steering because you still had the phone in your other hand and were still talking away.

As we moved slowly ahead to the point where the two lanes merge into one before crossing the bridge, it was no surprise that you stuck close to my bumper and didn't let the car from the other lane slip in front of you - and that you also waved your raised middle digit at that driver too.

All while you kept talking on the phone.

Our paths diverged at Villiers St you turned right while you were still carrying on your phone call.

I hope you made it to your destination safely and all the traffic you encountered on the way was safe as well.

I'd like to think you were just having a bad day - they happen to all of us - and that your mood improved later, but what you were doing today was not only illegal (the phone call), it also made life more difficult for all in the cars around you.

When we are driving, we have an obligation to do it as safely and courteously as possible.

From what I saw yesterday, you fell a long way short of that standard.

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