Moshi Digits
Moshi Digits Supplied

Gloves or gadgets? Why not both?

THE temperature overnight lately has been enough to freeze trees, so if you're not wearing gloves, you're braver than me.

Sadly, if you're wearing gloves it's hard or impossible to use any touchscreen devices at the same time.

Moshi's Digits are a newly released set of winter gloves that try to remedy this. They've woven conductive fibers into the fingertips so they'll let you use the capacitive touch screen on your smartphone or tablet.

Given the slipperiness of most devices, the palms on each glove also have grip tracks glued onto them. Try reversing the gloves and holding your device with the non-grip side: you're going to lose your gadget pretty quickly.

The Digits really are winter gloves. They're arguably the thickest capacitive gloves on the market and you'll overheat unless it's genuinely cold outside.

Moshi's made a wonderfully comfortable and effective item of clothing here, but unless you like grey, you're out of luck. So far there are only two colour choices and they are light grey for the small and medium sizes or dark grey for the large size.

All in all they're a very smart item and these days you could do worse than checking them out.

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