Opinion: Godwin’s Law revisited

IT MIGHT be time for political thinkers and debaters to take a look at revoking Godwin's Law when it comes to talking about the Australian Government.

After last week's #BorderFarce fiasco in Melbourne, where members of our newly-militarised Border Force could have been on the street checking for faulty visas, comparisons with totalitarian regimes and the Coalition Government are becoming too close to reality.

A corollary of Godwin's Law is, if you bring up Nazi Germany when talking about a contemporary political event, you lose the argument.

The reasoning was Nazism was so horrific to use it to describe current events would be to veer into hyperbole, rendering your argument invalid.

The inventor of the rule, Mike Godwin, has also been thinking about its application to Australian politics.

In 2014, Australian journalist Jenna Price compared the Australian Government to the Nazi Party for its treatment of asylum seekers.

Mr Godwin commented on Twitter that these comparisons were justified.

In itself, the militarisation of the custom and immigration services is worrying enough.

Many of its employees have expressed misgivings about being force to wear a uniform, to perform what was originally a civilian job.

What was heartening was the way the Australian public took to the street to demonstrate against Operation Fortitude

While people can get out on the street and tell the Government its decision is rubbish, we still have a long way to go before reaching the status of you know who.

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