‘Golden’ Scott Cam surely not a C-lister any more

CELEBRITY builder Scott Cam's Gold Logie brought back some humorous memories for a couple of former Daily Examiner reporters.

Back in May 2007 Cam was the star of the TV show Backyard Blitz and had snared a role as the VB Mid Strength Ambassador.

The brewer, Carlton, had punched out a press release, announcing Cam would be in Grafton at a local bottle shop to promote the beer.

But when the release crossed the desk of reporter Kirsty Allen, she had never heard of the so-called celebrity, so decided to do a little investigating.

"I had to look him up on Google to find out who he was," Kirsty recalled yesterday from the Gold Coast.

"It was only a little brief and when I called him a 'minor television celebrity' I was just joking. I thought a sub-editor would change it.

"But the sub thought it was funny and decided to leave it in.

"The person I felt sorry for was Rod (Stevens) who had to go out the next day and interview him.

"Apparently he was really riled and got stuck into Rod about it."

Mr Stevens, now a reporter at The Northern Star in Lismore, said he could still remember turning up for the interview.

"He was really revved up," Rod said. "He wanted to know who this Kirsty Allen was and said she'd called him a C-lister.

"He kept going on about how she said he was a C-list celebrity.

"I apologised to him and eventually he calmed down and we got the picture and did an interview."

Rod said he was surprised at the star's outburst.

"Maybe it was because there were not a lot of cameras around," Rod said. "If he'd been in the city with cameras everywhere he might have behaved differently."

So how does Kirsty rate Cam now he has snared a Gold Logie?

"I don't know really, but I suppose you would have to say he's graduated to medium list these days," she said.

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