Malcolm Turnbull addresses the crowd at Alex Surf Club.
Malcolm Turnbull addresses the crowd at Alex Surf Club. Cade Mooney

Govt has spent too much: Turnbull

MORE than 210 people packed into Alex Surf Club on the Sunshine Coast to hear former opposition leader and multi-millionaire Malcolm Turnbull.

The launch of the LNP Sunshine Coast Business Branch drew all but two of the region’s conservative politicians, including members Peter Slipper, Alex Somlyay, wunderkind Wyatt Roy and former member Mal Brough watching in the audience.

Mr Turnbull was feeling the heat yesterday after it was reported on Wednesday night that the opposition’s climate change strategy could be easily dropped by sceptics within the party.

However, his speech focused on overspending by the Federal Government, especially on the National Broadband Network, and its economic mismanagement pushing up interest rates.

He said this Labor government “made Gough Whitlam look like a Scottish miser”.

“They have simply spent too much,” Mr Turnbull said.

“The government should be saving more. It’s the only way to relieve pressure on inflation.

“That will hit businesses – especially those not associated with the mining industry.”

Mr Turnbull said the roll-out of the NBN, now switched on for Armidale in New South Wales, could be re-designed to cut costs.

“Everyone agrees we need strong broadband.

“We need to decide what is cost effective and what is the most time efficient.

“It is a shocking government – the longer they’re in there, the harder it will be to put us back on the right track.”

He swiftly navigated questions from the audience, including one on stemming the tide of communism being led by the Greens.

Mr Turnbull told the Daily he had little to say about changes we would see with a change of government, other than better economic management.

He said he thought very highly of our conservative politicians, including Peter Slipper, who once likened Mr Turnbull’s decision to back an emissions trading scheme as being “as dodgy as a Zimbabwean election organised by Robert Mugabe”.

“That was a colourful expression that I did not take very seriously at the time,” he said.

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