Grafton bridge study outcry

A PETITION objecting to the RTA’s study area for an unfunded second Grafton bridge was handed to the authority yesterday containing some 260 signatures.

Chairman of the recently-formed Working Party of Concerned Citizens, Kim Dahl, said the petitioners were calling on the RTA to look beyond the presented options A to D, any of which would desecrate the heart of Grafton, he said.

“Especially when there are other workable options that don’t impact on people and CBD traffic the way these options will,” Mr Dahl said.

Mr Dahl said the group was going to present another petition, expected to number 300 signatures, to the NSW Roads Minister David Campbell, at a meeting scheduled for April 8 in Sydney.

“We’re going to ask him to suspend the current study and invite the Minister to Grafton to have a look at what’s being spoilt,” Mr Dahl said.

“They need to rethink the options and look at the others.”

The Daily Examiner reported the development of a Summerland Way upgrade on Monday, which may increase heavy vehicle traffic along any Clarence River crossings in Grafton.

The project, known as the Trans-Regional Amalgamated Infrastructure Network (TRAIN), has the support of nine council areas and Member for Page Janelle Saffin as a way of relieving heavy traffic congestion in SE-Queensland.

Director of the consultant company coordinating the project, Nation Building Australia, Dave Cooke, described the cost of the corridor, estimated at about $1.5 billion, as ‘peanuts’.

Yesterday was the final day for submissions on the issue.

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