Grafton cosplayers step out for a night

PULL the Superman outfit from the back of your closet and get ready for a showstopper - the Big Night Out is coming to the Clarence Valley.

The cosplay event on Friday will feature a wide range of free entertainment at Grafton TAFE Campus, including an outdoor cinema, live music, LAN games, cosplay and more.

Grafton IT Teacher and organiser Aubrey Thompson said the cosplay event was proving to be extremely popular.

It is the first time it has run at Grafton.

"The cosplay idea came out of a student project and has really taken off on social media. We've currently got over 100 attendees registered to participate and they are from a wide range of backgrounds," he said.

"From teenagers and gamers in their 20's right up to mums and dads coming down to have a great time with their kids, and everyone in between. I think there will definitely be a few superheroes on the night, but it's really exciting to see what everyone can come up with. The cosplay event will include photo opportunities and a range of prizes for crowd favourite winners."

Cosplay (costume play) is an activity where participants wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific, often fictional, character.

Popular cosplay sources often include characters from comic books and cartoons, video games, live-action films and television series.

"Also running on the night we have live music, an outdoor cinema, LAN games, barbeque and more which is all completely free for anyone to come down and have a great time," Mr Thompson said.

The Big Night Out will kick off from 3pm on Friday.

For more information, go to the Grafton TAFE Facebook page or phone 6641 1600.

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