Grafton to meet the grand master

The Daily Examiner

PRACTITIONERS and students of Goju Kai Karate Do from across Australia and New Zealand are preparing to arrive in Grafton this weekend to attend a seminar with the grand master of the International Karate Do Goju Kai Association (IKGA), Goshi Yamaguchi Shihan.

The seminar will coincide with the 30-year reunion dinner of North Coast Goju Kai (NCGK).

NCGK spokesperson Allan Coulter, pictured, said the event would be a tremendous promotional vehicle for Grafton and the Clarence Valley.

“We are looking forward to hosting our friends and fellow karateka over the weekend, and showing off the beauty and great facilities in the area,” he said.

Senior instructors for NCGK have been busy for several months to ensure the event is a success.

Students and their families are being organised to provide transport and hospitality to the visitors, many coming to Grafton for the first time.

“As well as the sport and fitness, karate do fosters respect for self and others and the spirit of co-operation, and aims to develop good citizens who make a positive contribution to their community,” Coulter said.

“This event will be a great inspiration for the students, especially the kids, to see people from many different places come together - to be a part of something special for our club and for the Valley.”