Sam and Aaron Hartmann are sure to be a handful for the Mustangs in tomorrow’s grand final.
Sam and Aaron Hartmann are sure to be a handful for the Mustangs in tomorrow’s grand final. Adam Hourigan

Hartmann brothers will be handfuls

SAM Hartmann reckons big brother Aaron’s backline days are over.

No more scouting out wide cashing in on all the hard work done by the forwards up the middle of the park.

You see, Sam has no doubt his older sibling has lost his mojo.

Gone are the days of being a ‘pretty boy’ running in four-pointers and finishing the game with a jersey that looks like it’s fresh out of the wrapping.

“He’s definitely slowed down and should be playing out his days in the forwards,” Sam said with a wry smile on his face.

“He used to be quick but I smoke him every time now.

“I reckon I can beat him by at least 10 metres over 100.”

Rivalry aside, for the Hartmann brothers tomorrow’s blockbuster against the Mustangs will be a special occasion.

It’s not every day you get to play the biggest game of the season alongside your brother.

“It should be great, to have a team environment with all your mates around,” Aaron said.

“But I guess to play alongside your brother makes it a little more special.”

Sam, a winger, and Aaron, a back-rower, have formed a lethal combination down the left side of the field and, according to Aaron, his younger brother can thank him for all his success this season.

“Sam’s scored a few tries this year down the left side thanks to me,” Aaron said.

“He never works hard for his tries but gets all the credit.”

Sam has made a name for himself on the wing this season and after giving his brother a rev-up admitted he may also be destined for the engine room.

“Don’t worry I’d love to be there (forwards) next season,” he says.

“It would be great being closer to the action.”

It will be Sam’s first grand final tomorrow and he admits there have been a few butterflies rumbling in his stomach the past week.

“Yeah, I’m pretty nervous. I can’t stop thinking about it,” he said.

“I’ve been shaking all week.”

The good news for Sam is Aaron is a seasoned campaigner when it comes to grand finals.

“Aaron’s always giving me advice and tells me to keep my chin up,” Sam said.

Aaron said the team had had plenty of grand final experience.

“The last couple of semi-finals were very important games for us and Sam’s now had that experience,” Aaron said.

“He’ll have no problems handling the occasion.”

One thing for sure is Sam will be sweating on his older brother providing him with a ‘saloon passage’ to the tryline with his trade-mark flick out the back.

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