Grafton heads straight to top

BIG TREE: Grafton High students under the jacaranda tree now thought to be the biggest in Australia.
BIG TREE: Grafton High students under the jacaranda tree now thought to be the biggest in Australia.

GRAFTON is about to go back to the top of the big jacaranda tree list - and The Daily Examiner will do its bit to keep it there.

Only four months after announcing Singleton as owner of the biggest jacaranda tree in Australia, the National Big Tree Register is in for a significant shake-up.

Organisation founder Derek McIntosh said he was about to declare a massive jacaranda in the grounds of Grafton High School as Australia's largest specimen.

Mr McIntosh said he would take action after receiving measurements of the tree from Grafton's Jacaranda Festival Committee.

"As soon as I receive photographs of the tree, I will be putting it up on the register as Australia's champion jacaranda," Mr McIntosh said.

"Then it will be the Champion Jacaranda Tree in Australia as far as the National Big Tree Register is concerned."

Daily Examiner photographer Adam Hourigan has taken a series of photographs of the tree in full bloom.

These will form part of the big tree register's records.

The Grafton High tree's vital statistic make impressive reading.

It stands 17m tall with a girth of 5.5m and a crown of 25m.

These figures combine to give it a score of 293 on the American Forests points formula.

Mr McIntosh, who was born in South Africa's own jacaranda city of Pretoria, said there had been a flurry of interest in jacarandas after he had put the Singleton tree on the big tree register.

"On the website there's a series of links to articles printed on jacarandas," he said.

"I've received a lot of emailed photographs of jacaranda trees."

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