City Thunder's Charlotte Sommer receives the ball at the top of the circle during the Grafton Netball Association A Grade grand final between Northside NYX and City Thunder.
City Thunder's Charlotte Sommer receives the ball at the top of the circle during the Grafton Netball Association A Grade grand final between Northside NYX and City Thunder. Jenna Thompson

Grafton Netball Association 2019 grand final previews

GHA GRAND FINALS: The GHA grand finals have arrived and it's tipped to be a massive day of action at Westward Park tomorrow as 16 teams from eight grades go to battle in the ultimate decision day.

Here is how each team stacks up over the epic day of competition.

DIVISION 1- Northside Broldtimers v Northside GHS

Div 1 Northside Broldtimers
Div 1 Northside Broldtimers Brooke Burton

FINISHING top of the ladder with only one loss at the end of competition, Northside Broldtimers have used their combined years of experience to provide themselves an easy path to the grand final.

Their convincing victory over their opponent in the semi-finals has surely got Broldtimers coming in as the favourites when they meet Northside GHS in this season's division 1 grand final.

But GHS took the long way to snatch their spot in the final, coming fourth on the ladder at the end of competition before building momentum to come out victorious in their semi-final and preliminary final and they are hoping to have an impact.

Div 1 Northside GHS
Div 1 Northside GHS Brooke Burton

The ladies of the Northside GHS team are out to prove they are worthy of taking out the top position in the division.

Having met each other on four occasions throughout the season, Broldtimers have had the upper hand on most occasions.

The last time these teams met the gap was only three goals with Northside GHS finally coming out on top and removing the Broldtimers previous undefeated status.

A victory that has certainly lifted the spirits of the young GHS team and giving them the motivation to continue to fight until the last bell hoping to improve their score from the last meeting while the loss has rekindled the spark in the Broldtimers, forcing them to work harder and play even smarter to ensure a victory in the most important match.

Northside GHS will be missing a few players this weekend but if their momentum keeps up and with strength and determination they will not lay down without putting up a worthwhile fight.

The final bout between these two teams will certainly be one of years and experience versus sheer grit and determination.

DIVISION 2.A- Rhino Rebels v S&S Screamers

Div 2.A Rhino Rebels
Div 2.A Rhino Rebels Brooke Burton

TWO sides that have been locked in at the top will go to battle for in the Division Two A grand final today.

Having scored a win over S&S Screamers in the semi-final, Rhino Rebels have proved themselves to be a force over the season, earning the first spot in the grand final.

Div 2.A S&S Screamers
Div 2.A S&S Screamers Brooke Burton

Both teams finished level on points at the top of the table with just their for and against separating them, and with only two points between these teams in their red-hot semi-final clash, this game could go down to the wire.

Buckle up and get ready because this could be the grand final of the day at the climax of the Grafton Netball Association season at Westward Park.

DIVISION 2.B- Rhino Rumble v Rhino Warriors

Div 2.B Rhino Rumble
Div 2.B Rhino Rumble Brooke Burton

UNLIKE many of this year's grand final matches, the Division Two B match will not be a repeat of the major semi-final.

Rhino Warriors and Rhino Rumble will go head-to-head in an exciting battle as they go out to prove which is the best Rhino team in the decider today.

Div 2.B Rhino Warriors
Div 2.B Rhino Warriors Brooke Burton

Rumble will be coming in as the favourite after clinching the first spot in the grand final but Warriors have been hot on their heels, booking their spot with two convincing wins in elimination games in the finals.

With the Warriors making a realistic charge at the competition favourites, this certainly won't be one to miss on Grafton Netball Association grand final day.

DIVISION 3.A- City Amethysts v Northside Epic

Div 3.A City Amethysts
Div 3.A City Amethysts Brooke Burton

AS THE divisions get lower, the quality certainly hasn't dropped off this year, with some excellent competition to be seen right through the grades.

In today's Division Three A decider, City Amethysts will take on Northside Epic for a shot at the crown.

Amethysts have shown us what they are truly capable of this season, with some dazzling play to earn them the first spot in the final.

Div 3.A Northside Epics
Div 3.A Northside Epics Brooke Burton

Both teams will be eager to get this game under way and prove they are the No.1 team in this division this year.

Epic and Amethysts should have all players on deck so it will certainly come down to the wire in what will be a hard-fought game to round off the season.

DIVISION 3.B- City Ladies v Northside Destruction

Div 3.B City Ladies
Div 3.B City Ladies Brooke Burton

THE last of the split division matches will put City Ladies up against Northside Destruction in the Division Three B grand final.

Ladies may have a slight advantage over Northside as they've tallied more wins on the ladder, but Destruction are sure to give them a match to fight for today.

Div 3.B Northside Destruction
Div 3.B Northside Destruction Brooke Burton

Both sides have a mix of youth and experience, with City holding some strength in size while a small Northside team will be zippy across the court in the decider.

Ladies will be determined to remain top of the grade after a strong year in the competition but a damaging Destruction side will give it their all to steal the victory when the two sides go to battle in the final row.

DIVISION 4- Northside Vixens v Northside Foreworks

Div 4 Northside Vixens
Div 4 Northside Vixens Brooke Burton

THE Division Four grand final has all the ingredients to be a grand final thriller.

Two sides at the top of the competition that have been incredibly hard to separate on their past encounters this year, Northside Vixens and Northside Fireworks, should be an inter-club derby to remember.

Div 4 Northside Fireworks
Div 4 Northside Fireworks Brooke Burton

This game is one of many rematches that finished with an incredibly close two-goal difference in the semi-final.

Both Vixens and Fireworks are keen to prove themselves as a huge threat.

These two teams have had great tussles in the last few games leading into the finals and that pressure could swing the game in either direction.

DIVISION 5- City Sapphires v Northside Wildcats

Div 5 City Sapphires
Div 5 City Sapphires Brooke Burton

THE first junior grand final of the Grafton Netball Association competition will take place between City Sapphires and Northside Wildcats at Westward Park today.

In this game the clear favourite are the Sapphires who have more wins on the board and will head into this match with confidence.

Div 5 Northside Wildcats
Div 5 Northside Wildcats Brooke Burton

The underdog Wildcats cannot be underestimated, though.

They are certain to come out fighting harder than they ever have before with nothing to prove but the love of netball and playing the best they possibly can.

If there is one thing this game will promise it is a lot of energy and passion as the two sides square up one last time.

DIVISION 6- City Rubies v Northside Stars

Div 6 City Rubies
Div 6 City Rubies Brooke Burton

PLACED numerically in the lowest division are the kids with arguably the most heart out on the court.

The second Grafton Netball Association junior grand final will take place between City Rubies and Northside Stars today.

Rubies and Stars are two teams aiming to walk away victorious in the decider.

Div 6 Northside Stars
Div 6 Northside Stars Brooke Burton

These teams finished as the top two on the ladder and this game will be a rematch of the semi-final, with City hoping to turn the outcome from a loss to a win over Northside.

No matter the outcome, both teams have grown hugely throughout the season and are undoubtedly the rising stars and division 1 players of the future.

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