Gran in brawl at hotel

A GRANDMOTHER assaulted two hotel staff as they tried to close up for the night because they wouldn't let her in to buy more alcohol.

Jodie Leigh Sampson, 46, went with her 20-year-old daughter to The Exchange Hotel at Laidley as the bar closed.

Two female staff members had been locking up when Sampson confronted them and demanded to buy drinks, the District Court heard.

When the women told Sampson she couldn't, she became aggressive and pushed her way in.

She started yelling for a man she knew as "Horse" and said he would serve her alcohol.

One staffer tried to call triple-0 and Sampson knocked the phone out of her hand, hitting her check.

She pushed one employee into a door and grabbed the other's arm, bruising it.

Sampson's daughter pleaded with her, saying they could find someone else to buy grog, but her mother refused to leave.

One of the staff eventually convinced Sampson to leave with her saying she'd help her find some alcohol.

Outside the pub Sampson suddenly put the woman's head in a "bear grip" and held her up against a wall for about five minutes.

Judge Greg Koppenol said it would have been a terrifying ideal for the staff, who were in their early twenties.

"This was the act of someone grossly intoxicated making a nuisance of herself," Judge Koppenol said.

"This is unacceptable and inappropriate conduct - you need to take stock of your life."

Sampson had a minor criminal history and enormous family commitments, and her defence said she was highly embarrassed about the August 4, 2010 incident.

Sampson pleaded guilty to one count of assault occasioning bodily harm, four counts of common assault, failing to leave premises and hindering employees in the exercise of their duties.

She was fined $1500.

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